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Introducing   "Delta Rock”   engineered reef rock for your marine tank.

Reef safe and ocean friendly, it is extremely porous and contains natural marine calcium carbonate. This allows it to foster a diverse array of bacteria and invertebrates ensuring it functions as a superior biological filter, the natural calcium carbonate creates a stabilising effect on your tanks water chemistry by helping to maintain a constant pH.

Not only do we engineer Delta rock we also produce “Delta Frags”. These are composed of the same material as Delta rock and blend in perfectly with your rock, they too contain natural calcium carbonate insuring your corals thrive from the get go.

Recommended ROCK to WATER ratio for acceptable water parameters is 1kg : 10litres

For optimal growth we recommend an Alkalinity level of between 8 – 10dkh to be always maintained.

Rock may appear lighter in colour when out of water but will return to brilliance once submerged.

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